Meet the Team

If you need to any additional information about this little slice of heaven at 1 Paradise Lane, Virgin Gorda, below are the managing members who make it all possible.

We want to provide many of the creature that you might be used to back home while you stay with us at Sunset Watch. From air-conditioning to satellite television and radio, from Wi-Fi to printing, we have tried to cover all your needs. Unlike real heaven, things sometimes do go wrong in this slice of paradise. Fortunately, our team is here to make sure they don’t stay that way. Please promptly report to us anything that doesn’t work. We will do everything we can to fix whatever is not working.

ajit in the pool.jpg

ajit m. george
owner & host

Ajit George has been the owner of Sunset Watch since it was first built in 1998. He worked as a real estate developer in the Caribbean and beyond for more than 25 years, commuting between Delaware, USA and the BVI monthly. He is truly attuned to island life and devotee of fine food, wine, and conversation.


sonny franklyn

Sonny is our onsite property manager and concierge. He knows every single in and out of Sunset Watch and works on the property 6 days a week. Sonny would be the first person you can call if you have any questions or concerns at all.

ray larson
reservation Specialist

Ray is a former owner of property on the island and works from the United States on booking and reservations. Along with Ajit, he is one of the most knowledgable persons on the subject of Caribbean life and the best places to visit while you are there.