Onsite Tropical Gardens

At Sunset Watch, we are most grateful for all that nature has to offer in a tropical paradise like Virgin Gorda. That is why we have over 1,500 trees, flowers, and plants spread throughout the property. We are very lucky to have a climate that allows colorful growth all year round and we want to show you just how beautiful that can be. You could spend an entire day exploring the variety of tropical species planted around the grounds, so please feel free to explore. We just ask that you do not pick the flowers.

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Let Sunset Watch Villa owner, Ajit George, describe the verdant Caribbean gardens he installed at the villa:

"My parents were phenomenal gardeners. They grew this garden in Kuwait, which is a desert country. They got all kinds of awards. I grew up in Kuwait and my mother was just a very inspirational gardener. She grew things that were not meant to grow in the desert. So when I had a chance to do something with an interesting piece of land in Virgin Gorda (BVI) - it's a beachfront piece of land - I planted every plant I could get my hands on and really experiment with plants and grow stuff that people said couldn't be grown. It has become a passion to see things grow and see how they evolve over time. In some cases, they have grown larger than I would have wanted and some places are more crowded. In the early days I couldn't say no to any plant I had seen somewhere else. So I would bring cuttings or seeds or I would bring them in to plant. And it's what I call a relatively uncultured look. It's not like a garden where everything is sculpted. It is meant to look like it was always there. It sort of looks like a jungle garden, but it's not a jungle. It was planted deliberately to be fun and colorful and interesting. I have lot of cacti growing next to very colorful tropical plants. It creates an interesting juxt a position of having cactus next to what you would consider to be purely tropical flowers. I have cactus that is probably 10 or 12 feet tall. People are always stunned to see a banana plant, a pomegranate plant, a bougainvillea and cactus. It's interesting." 

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Read more about the owner of Sunset Watch from this interview with Ajit George. Ready to book your vacation? Let's get started !

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