Top 10 Virgin Gorda “Must Do’s”

“Virgin Gorda is heaven on earth.”  - Jim Rosenthal, Minneapolis, MN

by Ray Larson

Sunset Watch Villa provides pristine views, a private pool and luxurious amenities all nestled in a lush Caribbean garden that is filled with fruit trees and stone pathways leading to the secluded Nail Bay Beach. In addition to the private Sunset Watch Villa, the island of Virgin Gorda offers travelers an abundance of fun and relaxing attractions. Here are the top ten adventures you need to experience during your memorable British Virgin Island getaway. Without further ado, here’s your list of Virgin Gorda “must do’s”:

The ruins are fascinating. The views are breathtaking at Virgin Gorda’s Copper Mine Ruins.

The ruins are fascinating. The views are breathtaking at Virgin Gorda’s Copper Mine Ruins.

  1. The Baths and Devil’s Bay Trail: Exploring The Baths is a can’t-miss Virgin Gorda experience. Comprised of truly majestic rock formations showcasing Virgin Gorda’s volcanic origins, The Baths have been a BVI National Park since 1990. The Devil’s Bay Trail takes visitors from the main beach at the top of The Baths to Devil’s Bay Beach by navigating through a series of boulders – check out a video here. After reaching Devil’s Bay Beach you’re rewarded with prime swimming and snorkeling.

2. Copper Mine: Recently named a BVI National Park, the Copper Mine is an outstanding place to explore and an impressive landmark on the southeastern tip of Virgin Gorda. Constructed in 1837, the Copper Mine features the visible ruins of a smoke stack, engine house and mine shafts scattered throughout the grounds.

3. Gorda Peak: Standing 1,370 ft. above sea level, the top of the Gorda Peak boasts a stunning panoramic view of the BVIs. Lawrence Rockefeller donated the 265-acre dry forest surrounding the peak, which has become home to reptiles, amphibians and birds. It is truly one of the most biologically diverse areas in Virgin Gorda.

4. Fishing excursions: For a thrilling deep-sea fishing adventure in Virgin Gorda, look no further than Big Ting Fishing and Island Excursions. Big Ting offers a 42-foot vessel with a professional crew, or the Princess 1 Fishing Charters with two boats ready for a full or half day of exciting deep-sea fishing. You can reach Princess 1 Fishing Charters at (284) 495-7480.

5. Little Fort National Park: Just south of Yacht Harbor, the Little Fort National Park is the former site of a Spanish Fortress and still features ruins of structures called the Powder House. The 36-acre park contains a wildlife sanctuary and beautiful flora and fauna unique to the BVIs.

6. Mahoe Bay Beach: South of Sunset Watch Villa, this quiet and remote beach offers vivid blue water, nearby restaurants and two picturesque reefs that are perfect for snorkeling. This is a great spot to relax and explore the tropical landscape for the day.

7. Spanish Town: One of the most beautiful villages throughout the BVIs, Spanish Town sprawls along a gentle slope and offers a number of attractive homes, shops, churches and schools. This is a great place for an afternoon walk and to get a taste of the local culture in Virgin Gorda.

8. Spring Bay National Park: Just half a mile from The Baths, Spring Bay National Park features a similar landscape with large boulders and a little less traffic. The exquisite white sand beach and captivating landscape make for a spectacular destination for day full of relaxation and water activities like swimming and snorkeling.

9. Get a massage: Melt into relaxation with helping hands from The Spa at Leverick Bay or Sense, A Rosewood Spa at Little Dix Bay. Both spas offer transcendent treatments with a wide variety of choices – The Spa at Leverick Bay will even make house calls directly to Sunset Watch Villa.

10. North Sound: Hike, walk and explore the tiny and colorful village at North Sound of Virgin Gorda. Hillside homes, manicured gardens and rum shacks are scattered throughout the small village, making for a peaceful and scenic walk on a quiet afternoon.

Enhance your Sunset Watch Villa vacation by experiencing everything the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda has to offer. These are just ten of our favorite things to do on the picturesque island, and you’re sure to find something that you and your family will love right here on Virgin Gorda.