Linda Thompkins' (a.k.a. @justatraveler) Guide to Virgin Gorda

Caribbean blogger Linda Thompkins knows the Caribbean.   @justatraveler

Caribbean blogger Linda Thompkins knows the Caribbean. @justatraveler

Linda Thompkins is one of the most experienced Caribbean travelers in the industry and has visited each island at least once with the exception of St. Eustatius – but it’s currently on her bucket list. Linda ran a successful full-service travel agency specializing in the Caribbean region for 15 years, helping countless people plan their dream island vacation.

2 years into retirement, she currently runs a Caribbean travel blog – – where she shares unique stories and breathtaking pictures while interacting with individuals on social media (follow her on Twitter at @justatraveler).Linda has previously stayed with us at Sunset Watch Villa, and we were lucky enough to speak with the Caribbean veteran recently to learn her favorite things about the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. Here’s Linda Thompkins’ guide to Virgin Gorda:


The first thing Linda pointed out was the stunning scenery throughout Virgin Gorda. She says, “It’s impossible to walk or drive anywhere around the island without stopping to take in the breathtaking panoramic views.” One of the best places to do so is a delicious BBQ restaurant called Hog Heaven. At 1,300 ft. above sea level, Hog Heaven’s deck offers gorgeous views of North Sound, Mosquito Island, Saba Rock and Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island. Here’s a video Thompkins took while dining atop the peak.

Island Hopping

The British Virgin Islands are known as one of the world’s top sailing destinations, offering more than 40 islands all within one hour of each other by sailboat. One of her favorite trips is taking the ferry to Anegada, an island floating atop a remote reef. Another way to enjoy the sailing culture is to spend the day at a premier Virgin Gorda resort, the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Natural Wonders and Secluded Beaches

The Baths are a must for anyone traveling to Virgin Gorda. Travelers can walk around and climb over giant granite boulders the size of houses while hiking to the remote Devil’s Bay Beach for some of the island’s best snorkeling.

How Virgin Gorda Stands Out among Other Caribbean Islands

Thompkins has been traveling her entire life and has gone through customs throughout the Caribbean region. She claims that going through customs in Virgin Gorda was one of the most pleasant experiences in the region, adding that the officials are “Welcoming, friendly and efficient.”

Thompkins also feels that Virgin Gorda presents a tropical escape from some of the mega-tourism destinations that have littered the Caribbean, and the villas and resorts are spread out to give travelers feelings of seclusion and privacy.

One Piece of Advice

Virgin Gorda can be a difficult place to travel to depending on where you’re coming from. Linda advises to spend time figuring out your transportation route, as it may take more than a day. Sunset Watch Villa has put together a series of blogs on getting to Virgin Gorda to help you finalize your travel plan.

Keep up with all of Linda Thompkins’ Caribbean travel blogs to learn more about the beautiful region, and make sure to check back with the Sunset Watch Villa blog for more posts about the spectacular island of Virgin Gorda.