Snorkeling in Virgin Gorda: 6 Can’t Miss Places

Virgin Gorda is known for its calm and clear waters in addition to the colorful creatures and exotic marine life it boasts beneath the surface. During your stay at Sunset Watch Villa, make sure to experience all of the snorkeling hot spots throughout the beautiful island. Whether you’re a beginner or expert snorkeler,  Virgin Gorda presents multiple spots to observe the spectacular underwater sights. Here are six of the best spots for snorkeling in Virgin Gorda:

The Baths

Virgin Gorda’s signature boulders present ample opportunities for underwater exploration. This area features less reef growth and more rock formations – all featuring multiple hidden nooks and crannies to explore – and beautiful archways will present new obstacles in your quest for adventure. Check out the video above for a unique look as a recent visitor snorkels The Baths.

Spring Bay

Located next to The Baths, Spring Bay presents similar rock formations with multiple crevices for unique snorkeling. This is one of the most romantic places throughout the BVIs. Pro Tip: After a morning of snorkeling, make sure to climb the famous jumping rock and dive in for an afternoon thrill.

Savannah Bay

Located on the west shore of Virgin Gorda, getting to Savannah Bay is just as exciting as snorkeling in the warm waters. You’ll follow a trail with multiple signs introducing you to the underwater wildlife you’ll encounter, such as hard and soft corals, marine plants and colorful fish.

Little Dix Bay

This is a great spot for beginner snorkelers as the waters are primarily calm and exceptionally clear, making it easy to navigate and find an assortment of colorful fish.

Mountain Truck Bay

This is another great introductory spot for snorkeling, as the sandy beach boasts a gentle slope with spectacular coral and tropical fish close to shore. Check out the video above for a firsthand look at the beach.

Mountain Point

A snorkeler’s delight, Mountain Point provides underwater explorers with a number of caves, grottoes, huge rock formations and magnificent coral heads atop a white sandy-beach bottom. Snorkelers will find a 20 to 70-foot slope cutting through canyons, and they’ll see a number of unique underwater species like bobbing garden eels, stingrays, occasional eagle rays, nurse sharks, turtles, parrot fish, butterfly fish, damsels and grunts. Check out the video above for an underwater look at Mountain Point snorkeling.

Virgin Gorda is a beautiful place for snorkeling, and it offers endless opportunities for underwater fun and adventure. Don’t forget: you can always snorkel at your private Sunset Watch Villa beach and enjoy the breathtaking coral just steps from the shore.