5 Best Beaches in Virgin Gorda

”You need only to walk down the steps from the villa and you’re on a secluded beach. No people, no distractions.”  - Adelfa Gonzalez, Miami, FL

by Ray Larson

Virgin Gorda is full of beautiful beaches, crystal waters and ample opportunities for adventure. While staying at Sunset Watch Villa you’ll have a variety of nearby beaches to explore, and we’ve determined the five can’t-miss best beaches in Virgin Gorda, all of which offer a variety of activities from world-class snorkeling to spectacular parasailing.

Savannah Bay

South of Sunset Watch Villa, Savannah Bay is a long strand of powder white sand with gorgeous open-ocean views and healthy coral – here’s a video of the beautiful beach. This beach is ideal for novice snorkelers and those looking to relax in the warm waters. You can walk out more than 50 feet in waist-deep water.

Mountain Trunk Beach

Even closer to Sunset Watch Villa, Mountain Trunk Beach provides breathtaking snorkeling opportunities with coral on each side of the beach. You’ll be surrounded by lush tropical forests while digging your toes in the white sand. This beach also has several beach huts for shade and lounge chairs so you can rest and relax after a soothing swim.

Devil’s Bay

Known for its enormous granite rocks, Devil’s Bay takes beachgoers on an adventure through The Baths – the well-known and historic landmark on Virgin Gorda. Once you arrive at Devil’s Bay, you’re greeted by pristine waters and soft white sand on the secluded and scenic beach with gentle surf. It’s ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and it’s a great place for kids.

Long Bay Beach

Just north of Sunset Watch Villa, Long Bay Beach features a mile-long stretch of talcum-powder-like sand and luxurious ocean views. This is one of the most secluded beaches on the island so make sure to pack a cooler because you won’t want to leave.

Nail Bay Beach

Surrounded by coconut palms and tropical foliage, Nail Bay Beach is exceptionally close to Sunset Watch Villa. The Nail Bay Resort is another place to indulge in fun daily beach activities such as scuba diving, sail boating and parasailing. This beach is also known for its majestic coral caverns where experienced snorkelers can interact with some of the island’s most beautiful underwater sights.

Secluded Nail Bay Beach at Sunset Watch Villa.

Secluded Nail Bay Beach at Sunset Watch Villa.

These beaches will inspire countless daydreams leading up to your memorable Sunset Watch Villa vacation. In addition to these spectacular beaches, don’t forget about your own private beach steps away from your island home at Sunset Watch Villa.