About Sunset Watch

The purpose of this blog is to share our love for Virgin Gorda and the British Virgin Islands. It’s open to anyone with an interest in the island, its people, the local culture, and the natural beauty that permeates everything surrounding all of it. Share your pictures, stories, anecdotes, even recipes. But please, share!

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Sunset Watch Villa is a unique property from which to enjoy and reflect upon “Nature’s Little Secret.” Perched upon the normally secluded Nail Bay Beach, this Virgin Gorda vacation villa offers solitude and convenience. Each unit offers commanding views of the Dogs, Guano, scuba Island, and Tortola in the distance. Take a few short steps from your bedroom onto a postcard worthy beach and snorkel the morning or afternoon away. With three kitchens equipped for the gourmet trapped within, you never have to leave the villa unless you absolutely want to. Of course with the world-famous Baths and Devil‘s Beach a mere 15 minute drive away you might want to.

In addition to the kitchens, propane BBQ grills, blenders, coffee makers, espresso machines, bread makers, etc., we’ve equipped each of the Sunset Watch Villas with an iPad2. Each iPad has been loaded with 1700 songs, over 20 award-winning movies, and a subscription to the New York Times. I recommend you set your coffee maker to brew automatically, then wake up to a fresh cup of your favorite java (we stock coffee grinders as well). Gather your fresh brew, your iPad and arrange your favorite chaise lounge just so on the pool deck. Soak in the events back home from the iPad (if you must) or stream perfect music for the moment to one of the Villa’s stereos, creating an “aha, this is why I’m here!” moment. Better yet, use the iPad to take a picture of yourself, your coffee, and the view and post it to your Facebook page. Your friends will hate you.

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