The Baths: A Can’t-Miss Virgin Gorda Experience

“Our family has traveled quite a bit and we think we have found our Shangri-la. Somehow Belize and Mexico don’t compare.” - Allie and Emily, New Haven, CT

by Ray Larson

During your Sunset Watch Villa vacation, make sure to explore one of the most the most visited destinations in the British Virgin Islands, The Baths.

Virgin Gorda’s most famous landmark, The Baths.

Virgin Gorda’s most famous landmark, The Baths.

The Baths are unlike any beach in the Caribbean, featuring truly majestic rock formations that have created sheltered sea pools between pristine white sand beaches. Located on the southwestern corner of Virgin Gorda, between Devil’s Bay to the south and Spring Bay to the north, The Baths are a breathtaking geological wonder.

The unique rock formations are evidence of Virgin Gorda’s volcanic origins. Over time, deposited granite eroded and molten rock seeped up into existing rock layers to form piles of boulders, some up to 40-ft. long. These boulders have created natural tidal pools, tunnels, arches and scenic grottoes opening to the sea. All of these natural formations make The Baths a can’t-miss destination during your Sunset Watch Villa vacation. Check out a few homemade videos of tourists exploring The Baths here and here. The second video features underwater shots that offer a firsthand look inside the cavernous surroundings.

The Baths have been a British Virgin Island National Park since 1990, and the park is one of only three places in the world where this type of rock formation has occurred. The seven-acre national park features a trail to Devil’s Bay, leading visitors through the scaling boulders with a series of ladders, steps and rope handrails. After safely navigating your way through The Baths, lay out on the lovely white sand beaches, enjoy a relaxing swim or strap on a snorkel to explore the depths of the startling blue waters. The Baths are a perfect place to spend a day during your Sunset Watch Villa vacation.

Located just a mile south of Spanish Town, The Baths is just a short cab ride away from Sunset Watch Villa. Make sure to carve out some time during your stay to explore The Baths, where you’ll have a truly breathtaking experience.