Sunset Watch Owner, Ajit George, interviewed by Delaware Today Magazine

Wonder what Ajit’s been up to? Read this recent interview with the owner of Sunset Watch Villa to find out. In case you don’t know him, Ajit George and his wife Dr. Sarah Brown built this popular BVI vacation villa in 1996. Ajit spent 27 years as the Managing Director of Nail Bay Resort. He’s best known as a gentle soul with big ideas and a bigger heart. Ajit put both together many times to raise money for charities in the BVIs. Most noteworthy of his many philanthropic efforts was creation of the BVI Winemaker’s Dinners, a wildly successful fundraiser marrying his love for fine wines and exceptional food. But if you asked Ajit what’s most important to him, without hesitation he’d boast of the many friendships he has forged over the years in Virgin Gorda and the BVI.